Will we ever have to say "Cheese?!"

We have a natural, spontaneous and soulful style so it will be extremely rare that we will stand you all in front of the camera, count down from 3 and ask you all to shout Cheese. And when we say rare, what we mean is, never. In saying that though, we know that there are those must have shots for parents and grandparents that typically require everyone to face the camera and smile and if this is important to you, then we will achieve these on the day. We just might ask you all to shout "ice-cream" instead.

Do you offer Digital Files?

When you choose to purchase only digital files from a photographer, there’s a big risk that your final products won’t be to the quality or standard you were hoping for - and defeats the purpose of investing in professional photography. When you purchase a print product from an experienced photographer, they may spend hours perfecting the crop and colours of the photograph to produce the best possible result when printed. This process of colour correction is often overlooked, but absolutely essential to reproducing what you see on your computer screen accurately onto printed media. Most consumer-facing print labs also do not offer the standards of colour reproduction that professional labs do, and you may find yourself with prints that are muddy and awkwardly trimmed!
Also, technology is a huge factor. Remember the VCR, the cassette tape, even the floppy disc? Today's technology will be replaced and possibly even inaccessible within 20 years - however, archival quality products will outlast your USB or DVD. However, we do offer high resolution digital images in certain packages - this is our way of saying thank you for trusting us with your memories.

Will you Photoshop?

All images are reviewed to make a selection from the Photoshoot and any specific colour, tonal edits, teeth whitening and basic skin corrections are made so that your images look their very best.
Your Photographer will also offer advice both in the lead up to your session and on the day to ensure that what is captured at the time doesn't need timely edits.
If you do have a specific requirement, it can be accommodated for an hourly fee.

What can I expect on the Day?

At the start of any coverage, your Photographer will spend time getting familiar with the space, environment and most importantly, available light. They will then befriend all kids, all pets and away we go. Our style allows for each session to unfold organically but from time to time, we will help by giving a bit of direction in terms of where to stand, or a few actions that can really enhance the moment.

How many Images will I receive?

It's all about quality over quantity and the images presented to all clients will be those that best tell your story in the most stunning, meaningful way. There will usually be a minimum of 10 images to make your final selection from.

How long does it take to see my Images?

We understand, this is the exciting part right?! Clients will have their preview gallery within 2-4 weeks after the session.

Can I share my Images on Social Media?

You most certainly can! Your images are there to be shared with friends and family. All we ask is that you give a shout out to Imogen Rose Portraiture and please, never sell or alter your images in any way.

What's required to secure your service?

A non-refundable deposit - along with a signed photography agreement - is required to reserve your date and time. The balance is payable 48 hours before your session. Payment plans are available. If you would like more details on this, please contact us via our Let's Get in Touch Form.